The Birth of Ivy Mae, a hypnobirth – Adelaide Birth Photographer

The journey of Ivy Mae was so special to behold. This sweet baby was birthed at home in the bath – it was a serene and calm arrival. Ivy’s mother is a hypnobirthing practitioner and midwife – she displayed amazing strength and wisdom throughout the labour. You can read her birth story here:

As a birth photographer, I’ve witnessed many different labours – each as unique as the individuals involved. I have certainly noticed a difference between those mother’s who have undergone some type of hypnobirth training, and those who haven’t. Very fascinating!

I think the little jewel I took away from this birth was how the freedom and opportunity for family member involvement during a women’s labour, even the smallest gifts of care and love, feed into the bonds that keep family members close. So beautiful to witness and learn.

Thank you to Kristy from Instinctual Birthing and Zac for allowing me to capture and share Ivy’s arrival. xo


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