Birth Photography Shoot Checklist – Victoria Berekmeri, Adelaide Birth Photographer

I have set up an incredible collection of learning opportunities for anyone looking into photographing birth. Check them out here: For a comprehensive look at the Birth Photography Shoot Checklist – check out this book: The Business of Birth Photography BookThe Business of Birth Photography I thought I’d share my birth shoot checklist with you.  I have a few photographers following this blog along with my clients and other interested members. I’m spending a fair bit of time answering questions from aspiring birth photographers and intrigued individuals about what’s involved in my line of work. I think details like this are super useful because it not only gives other’s pursuing birth photography a starting point of what to shoot, but it also provides some insight into how involved the genre is. Being mindful of the process of birth, the intensity of emotions and natural sympathies that align, and then stitching it together with your own creative way of taking photographs is what makes birth photography a powerfully moving genre.

  • External Scene Setting – Hospital sign / Outside house.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Internal Placement – Ward sign / Birthing Room.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Abstract Story Telling – Relevant details and objects shot up close.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Obvious Story Telling – Placement of people within the room during labour.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Emotional Story Telling – Relationship connections during labour. _VLD9541w
  • Personal Moments – Individual portraits as they are consumed in their own moments.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Labour Aid – birth ball, tens, hand grips.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Midwife / Doula / OBG – Document their important role / handwriting / monitoring. document_VLD3425
  • Pain – The peak of contractions.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Relief – The trough of contractions.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Crowning – The presentation of baby and pushing.Baby Being Born Adelaide a
  • The Catch – The baby’s entry.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • First Breath.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Birth Euphoria – The parent’s joy.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Third Stage – Mother’s expressions are unique.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Placenta – Tree of life.Adelaide Portrait Photographer
  • Cord Cutting.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Nursing – the first attempt latch.Adelaide Portrait Photographer
  • Measurements – weight, length, head circumference.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Baby details – hands / feet / lips / nose / hair.Adelaide Portrait Photographer
  • The look – Baby’s eyes locked onto camera / mum / dad.Adelaide Portrait Photographer
  • Dad and Baby.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Mum and Baby.Adelaide Birth Photographer
  • Sibling / Support Person and Baby._VLD9693If you are interested in more birth photography tips, read more on Victoria’s blog for photographers – check out this post about How to Photograph a Hospital Birth!

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