About Victoria

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Victoria is an Accredited Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and an active professional and thought leader within the Australian Birth Photography industry.

Victoria’s career highlights include numerous  accolades in both Australian and South Australian photography awards and invited guest speaker at the 2014 AIPP Nikon Event. In September 2013 Victoria was awarded the prestigious title of Canon AIPP Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year for her portfolio of work in documentary birth photography.

Victoria Berekmeri’s photographic scope extends from Portraiture, Landscape, Documentary, Commercial Interiors and Architecture.

Her passion for photography began during childhood and followed her into her 30’s, inspired by her grandfather Steve Berekmeri, who was a well-known photographer from Hungary. Victoria learnt much of her photographic knowledge from her grandfather and has furthered his legacy for creating meaningful and creative pieces of photographic art.

With a passion for capturing raw emotion, Victoria has a natural sympathy for documenting the journey of child birth in a creatively simple and skilled way. Capturing the journey a women takes as she brings new life into the world, and the intensity of emotions that fill these moments, is the defining theme behind Victoria’s work as a professional birth photographer.

“I dream of a society that embraces birth as one of life’s greatest and most important experiences. My aim is to promote the pride and profoundness of the birth experience, to give permission for women to tell their stories, so that the trauma’s and achievements are allowed the space to have a positive impact on us all. ” – Victoria Berekmeri

Victoria is currently planning an exhibition of her commissioned birth photography work that documents the journey of mother and child.

A few words from Victoria…

​So, Birth Photography… how did I get here? …with copious amounts of patience, passion and drive, long hours and commitment. I’m also a mother, so these skills / attributes are just a part of everyday life really!

I have a busy 5 year old boy who I birthed at Calvary Hospital in North Adelaide, with the unwavering support of my husband. Our son arrived 70 hours after my waters broke. Yes, it was a long shift – but technically speaking I was only in established labour for the last 10.5hrs. There were so many decisions made and external influences that, when combined with chance led to a less than desirable birthing experience. However, this experience has had a huge impact on my inner self and as a result I have found myself travelling down a path that confronts my fears, broadens my beliefs and strengthens my resolve to share the collective story of women’s power to birth instinctually and safely.

Through my own birthing experience along with each and every birth I’ve ever had the privilege of attending, there are a million moments that make my heart sing. The soulful caresses of a partner’s hands that help reassure and ground the labouring women. The intense expressions of love, concern and pride that are innocently revealed on the faces of loved ones. The way time seems suspended, a women’s birthing space has its own inexplicable dimension, and the surreal way pain gives way to elation…. The moments are endless and I relive the emotion I experienced each time I see any of the images I shoot.
So here I am. Armed with more than the attributes and skill required to work in this genre, I have a special combination of experience, support, sensitivity and insight to produce work that captures the beauty of the most profound event life has to offer. There’s just a little more to it than having expensive equipment and the love of babies and photography.
I’m a dot point girl – here you go!​

  •  2013 AIPP Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year.
  •  Award winning photography for both maternity and birth images.
  •  Active memberships with the AIPP, Heartfelt and Australian Birth Photographers.
  •  Professional insurance specifically covering birth and newborn photography.
  •  Countless hours of training, workshops, mentoring (since 2001).
  •  Full frame cameras and low light lenses along with back up equipment.
  •  Family support to be on call 24/7.
  •  Countless hours of networking – online birthing groups, SA Homebirth Network, photography groups.
  •  Professional rapport with many of Adelaide’s professional and student midwifes and birth workers.
  •  Commitment to ongoing professional development.
  •  A gentle, empathetic, supportive nature.

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