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The Birth of Julien – Adelaide Birth Photographer

When I get an email enquiry like this, I get truly excited because I know this couple are empowered and value what I do. No mention of money or packages. Rather a simple communication about why they want their birth photographed, when, how and where they will be supported. Afterall, these elements are what’s most important about their experience.

Hi Victoria, I hope this finds you well. I really hope that we aren’t getting in too late, but I know this may be the case with you being in such demand! My husband and I are expecting our first this July. After having lost many pregnancies, we have been hesitant to book too many things until we got further along than ever before. We have now reached the 24 week mark and all looks good! If things continue on this path then we will be birthing at home with two WCH MGP midwives and a student midwife. Again, I understand if you are already all booked for this time, but you come highly recommended by good friends of ours, so I couldn’t help but at least try! Thanks, Hanna

Not only did I go on to photograph the birth of their precious rainbow baby, Julien – I was also asked to do a pregnancy and newborn session with them. It was a very magic experience and the collection of images I am able to give this family honour their experience beautifully.


Telling the Pregnancy Story – Sashini and George Part 1

Telling the story of pregnancy as a photographer involves a great deal of fun! We managed to pack a baby shower and beach session into around 2 hours of photographing! It’s all about building on the journey… more of Sashini & George’s story to come!


The Pregnancy and Newborn Journey – Adelaide Birth Photographer

When birth photography isn’t for everyone, there is still a beautiful story to capture. When first time parents Ben and Marnie contacted me, we talked about creating a session to remember…. I love doing this with the pregnancy sessions in particular. With so much anticipation and love, there is just so much to smile about! Selecting the best maternity images, adding them to the beautiful photographs taken during an at-home newborn session, and including some beautiful words from mum and dad is what I love. The album created is really something special – to keep, to reflect on and to pass along when the time comes!

Dawn Pregnancy Session – Marnie & Ben

I’ve always been a morning person… and a beach person too! So when I have the opportunity to photograph these sessions, I just love it!

Marnie and Ben were so wonderful and this particular morning was calm and the sky changed hue with every minute – it was magical. And a true pleasure and joy to photograph this session.

Beach Maternity Session – Adelaide Birth Photographer

It was a cool, crisp morning in January. I was excited as I woke up to darkness and imagined the adventure I would share in with Tania and her family. With my camera gear already packed and ready, I headed down to my favorite beach in Adelaide for our dawn photography session. It’s a place that holds a little magic and something I knew Tania’s family would understand.

We had prepared a little ceremony for our session. I asked Tania to help her children write a beautiful letter to their little sibling who they were all waiting to meet. With the help of a little red boat and a bottle, we would cast these wishes off into the ocean with the morning sunrise. What followed was a gorgeous flow of togetherness and love with some beautiful pictures to capture the experience.

Tania has shared with me that they have visited this beach regularly since our session – it has become their special place too.

When Tania first contacted me she wanted to have her pregnancy, birth and newborn time documented. After we met, I knew we could create something so special together. Everything just fit together beautifully and the end result was not only one of the best Journey Books I’ve ever made, but I grew in so many ways from the experience. This meeting was pivotal and has shifted my course as a photographer, and on a deeply personal level.

When it all flows, you know you’re following the right path!

Introducing the New Birth Photography Product Range

I’m so excited to launch my new product range for all of my maternity, birth and newborn clients. Not only is the quality a step up to the level of AMAZING, but I’ve taken all of the best elements from my previous Journey Books and created a brand new product, unique to my business.

Along with announcing my new product line, I will be offering $200 off Birth Documentation  where any additional products from my new range is ordered. Offer valid for new birth bookings received between 26th June 2014 and 26th September 2014. Existing clients will receive an upgrade to the relative book if requested and previous clients will receive a $200 discount off any orders utilising their previous sessions images. Offer ends 26th September 2014.


The Moleskine Journal

Birth Journal

The Moleskine Birth Journal

A precious keepsake and uniquely created journal utilising beautiful images of your family alongside spaces for you to hand write your thoughts and feelings. This journal with genuine Moleskine materials including ivory-coloured paper has carefully centre-stitched open-flat binding, rounded corners, elastic closure and expandable back pocket (perfect for your ultrasound photo’s & important cards). Each book is elegantly presented in special wrapping paper, and a linen presentation box. It also comes with a beautiful quality, silver Parker gel pen to write your own words.

The philosophy behind this special Journal is to incorporate only the most important and heartfelt memories of your family’s experience for your child to reflect on as an adult. Do away with the impersonal baby journals available at the book store featuring someone elses child, and embrace this unique product that holds far greater meaning and relevance to you!

 “Thank you so much for the stunning journal that you put together. It’s such a beautiful and personal way to document our family’s journey as we welcomed Ronen into the world. It is so special to be able to document our thoughts, feelings, hopes and expressions of love in a book filled with our own family’s photographs. I really love the way your photographs weave our family’s story throughout the journal; each photo prompting a memory worth documenting. I can only imagine what a treasure this will become for Ronen; not only will your gorgeous photography provide a visual reminder of just how celebrated he was, but he’ll also be able to read our thoughts and feelings about the moments in time that you captured. What a gift — many, many thanks to you Victoria!”  ~ Tania, Mother of Ronen.

The Milk Journey Book

The Milk Journey Book

This is a quality upgrade from my previous Journey books, where you can incorporate all the best images from your sessions. Starting at 60 pages and increasing up to 20 pages for each session, you can also include your typed birth story amongst your photographs to complete this elegent documentation of your journey. A13x11” / 33.3×27.9cm, landscape album printed on white matt art paper, this hand bound book comes with inset cover image, presented in a linen presentation box.

The Cream Photo Album

The Cream Photo AlbumTrue to its name, this is the premium album – the cream of the crop as far as professional photographic albums are concerned. This ivory coloured fine art book with leather quarter binding rests in an exquisitely crafted presentation box and tailored linen bag. This 13.5×10.28” landscape format book with 60 lay-flat pages is a designer book that will last for generations.

In addition to these beautiful new albums, the following products are still available:

  • Announcement Cards
  • Digital Collections
  • Cinematic Slideshow
  • Fine Art Print & Canvas

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Lifestyle Maternity Session and Studio Newborn Session – Adelaide

Briony & Ben are a down to earth couple and a lot of fun to work with! And their gorgeous little daughter Penelope was just adorable. It was such a pleasure to document this special time in their lives with 2 simple sessions. The maternity shoot was conducted in home as a lifestyle session however there was a degree of posing involved. For the newborn session, Penelope and her parents graced my studio for an intimate experience filled with warmth and white noise…