The Pregnancy and Newborn Journey – Adelaide Birth Photographer

When birth photography isn’t for everyone, there is still a beautiful story to capture. When first time parents Ben and Marnie contacted me, we talked about creating a session to remember…. I love doing this with the pregnancy sessions in particular. With so much anticipation and love, there is just so much to smile about! Selecting the best maternity images, adding them to the beautiful photographs taken during an at-home newborn session, and including some beautiful words from mum and dad is what I love. The album created is really something special – to keep, to reflect on and to pass along when the time comes!


A Birth and an Engagement – Adelaide Birth Photographer

What an incredible and momentous day for Cristy and Adrian.

Cristy progressed naturally into labour and with the encouragement of Adrian, it was beautiful to witness little Jasper being born into a world full of love and support. He was perfect and this beautiful couple became a family with his arrival.

Not only was it the birth day of their beautiful son Jasper, but it was also the day Cristy and Adrian got engaged. And what a surprise it was!! Cristy had planned the proposal and I was in on the occasion from the time she had booked me to photograph her baby’s birth. With the help of the wonderful Midwife and Student Midwife looking after Cristy on the day, the team managed to orchestrate a proposal like no other. The other hospital staff and patients who witnessed the surprise question were suitably excited when the ever-loving Adrian said YES!

To polish off this amazing story – it was the image of Jasper just born, blowing a mucous bubble which won a Silver with Distinction Award at the 2014 Australian Professional Photography Awards. The image is a spectacular representation of the moment of transition into the big wide world, just as the very first breath is to be taken. A powerful moment for a life and soul who has infinite possibilities ahead of him!

Dawn Pregnancy Session – Marnie & Ben

I’ve always been a morning person… and a beach person too! So when I have the opportunity to photograph these sessions, I just love it!

Marnie and Ben were so wonderful and this particular morning was calm and the sky changed hue with every minute – it was magical. And a true pleasure and joy to photograph this session.

The Arrival of Ashton – Hospital Bonding Sessions

I offer Bonding Sessions as an alternative to Birth Photography for families. Shortly after Ashton’s arrival, I received a wonderful message announcing his entrance into the world. I quickly re-arranged my following day so I could head in to do a special shoot for him and his family. With two big brothers to work with, we had a lot of fun documenting this unique and special time in Ashton’s life. Capturing beautifully natural interactions and working in a few posed shots, this family’s collection created a beautiful Moleskine Journal Book to record all of the important details!

Perth, WA Presentation Evening – Why Birth Photography?

Event details

Thursday, 23 October 2014, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

THE NEST ON SILAS – Unit 2 Number 8 Silas St, East Fremantle, WA, Australia

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Enjoy an evening with Victoria Berekmeri as she defines what Birth Photography is really about, sharing her experiences working in a genre that’s pushing social boundaries. Victoria Berekmeri is the 2014 AIPP Canon Australian Birth Photographer of the Year and 2013 AIPP Canon Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year. She operates a specialist birth photography business and runs workshops for photographers in Australia and New Zealand.

“I’ve been shooting births since 2010 and decided to focus my energy and create a separate birth branded business at the end of 2012, incorporating maternity, birth, bonding and newborn sessions. My plan was to be different, gain lots of experience and up my skills as quickly as possible, offer something that honoured the birth experience for women, win awards for my work, exhibit my work for the powerful message it holds, and help others to build their knowledge so they don’t have to learn lessons in a way that could damage the perception of birth photography. In essence, I made a decision to commit to this genre because I felt 100% aligned with the service I could provide and the value it held in my heart.” ~ Victoria Berekmeri

Silver Award - 2014 APPA Birth Category This presentation is suited to photographers, birth workers and couples interested in the concept of birth photography and the power these stories hold. Victoria will explore the WHY behind Birth Photography, looking into the etiquette, privacy and perception of Birth Photography, guiding you through the important elements of understanding this genre from various points of views. Then reaching into the broader depths of the topic – Australia is progressing through some challanging times in relation to maternity services and the social norms surrounding birth are in need of positive shift. Could sharing birth stories and imagery help normalise birth and create a birth culture more supportive of ideals such as continuity of care for women through pregnancy and lower interventions? This session will contain images of child birth and stories that will challange your ideas on birth culture in Australia. vic_sappa_MG_0024

2014 Canon AIPP Australian Birth Photographer of the Year – Victoria Berekmeri

Sincere thanks and appreciation must go to the AIPP members and in particular the Awards crew who have made this event such a successful one. This birth category could never have existed if it weren’t for the wonderful AIPP members who joined forces to define this genre within the industry. The category finalist, friend and amazing photographer, Selena Rollason ( is a driven and valued member of the birth photography community who played a pivotal role in making this genre recognised as an APPA category. It is an honour to have her stand beside me in this inaugural year as her images help set the standard for birth photography in Australia.

The work I do, the people I meet and the births I capture have all changed my world into one filled with gratitude, joy and meaning. Birth Photography started out as a path to healing some of my own deep wounds, but it has now turned into something profoundly powerful. I have witnessed the work I create and share change social opinion on what is natural and worthy of true celebration. Passion and knowledge fly together as this documentary genre continues to act as a visionary voice, celebrating of the natural beauty of human life along with the power of a woman’s body and soul.

Special and sincere thanks go to all of my clients – you are all in inspiration to me! And to my parents and their precious babies who feature in this collection of award-winning images, thank you from the warmest place in my heart. Not only was it an honour to capture and share these moments, but it was a gift to all those who loved and appreciated them along with me.

There is also another group of people involved in the production of these award prints. To prepare these images for print, I worked with the best in the industry – Atkins Technicolour. Atkins helped transform my images into art pieces that reflected the right tone and sensation needed to win. Printing is a whole other discipline so it goes without saying that having a great relationship between photographer and printing technician can’t be underestimated. I’m thrilled to say that I use the same printing lab my Grandfather used so I do feel an extra special connection with Atkins.

Without further ado – here are the 4 award winning images that saw me win the 2014 Canon AIPP Australian Birth Photographer of the Year.


Silver with Distinction

Silver with Distinction

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

If you’re interested in learning more about Birth Photography, please check out the upcoming workshop dates here:

or contact Victoria to discuss mentoring options:

The Arrival of Ronan – Adelaide Birth Photographer

As usually happens, the call comes in the middle of the night and this special birth was as calm as it was profound to witness.  The feeling that hit me when I walked through their front door was inexplicable. The labouring mother was so focused and deep within her own space that no words were uttered, nor any interference from her support team needed.

Lighting is often a challenge during birth but this home birth was the greatest challenge I’ve faced so far. By candle light and some ambient street lighting through the window, I captured this birth by steadying my camera against tables and walls while exposing with very slow shutter speeds. This helped me to portray the stillness of the resting mother and motion of those supporting around her. As baby arrived, flash was used to capture the emotion and action that follows.

This was a blissful birth that happened as the older children slept soundly in their beds…