Our Mission is to provide every client with:

  • Individually customised session experiences
  • Professional lifestyle crafted photography
  • Precious moments, people and stories captured
  • Premium quality files and prints that last a lifetime


Pricing Summary

  • BIRTH                                                              $2500
  • HOSPITAL NEWBORN                                  $600
  • NEWBORN                                                      $1500
  • MATERNITY                                                    $600
  • BABY                                                                $900


Package Combinations

  • BIRTH + 2 OTHER SESSIONS                           $3700
  • HOSPITAL NEWBORN + 2 SESSIONS             $2100
  • MATERNITY + NEWBORN + BABY                  $2700


As always, an in-person meeting is recommended to view products before making any final decisions on your order. Plus, meeting with your photographer is important to you to make sure you’re a good match!

Products are now packaged up into popular collections – modifications to package items are more than welcome.

As much as price does matter, what really matters when it comes to choosing your birth photographer is WHY you are looking to book one! Hire a Birth Photographer - for the right reasons. Do you want your own words carefully placed with amazing images that tell the story of empowerment, joy and love? A specifically designed piece of tangible art that represents the meaning of this special time in your life so that it can be passed on to your child. Imagine that moment 30 years from now when they come home to you and announce they are expecting their own child, and you hand over the Journey Book that you created, with purpose? My point is, if you don’t know why you want your birth photographed – if you don’t know what your end result of this fantastic service is – then give me a call!

What's it about for you? Birth PhotographyI’ve thought long and hard about what I produce for my wonderful clients and it’s nothing short of what I would love to have myself. Yes, I offer digital files, slide shows, prints, books… and all include my experience, my down to earth personality, my award-winning skills and my unique twist of presenting your world. And for those who know exactly why they want their birth photographed – I can’t wait to hear from you!

Newborn Photography your way!


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