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The Child Birth Photograph – Victoria Berekmeri, Adelaide Birth Photographer


Birth is clearly an emotive subject for so many people and passion bubbles up quite remarkably for some. To be honest – I LOVE that! It is something I’m clearly passionate about myself which I choose to express through my craft. But there are several various issues regarding my print and really, it’s not about the fact that it was taken down, but more so about why it was put back up.

The general media is missing out on a profound story in my opinion (which is possibly my own doing because I chose to not express my thoughts prior to having a good chance to consider them). Yes, at first it was about censorship at a local level – the result of a culmination of coincidental happenings where blame and finger pointing seemed more important and dramatic to everyone else. With fascination becoming stranded by the internal issues at the time, I even failed to appreciate the path ahead. An open door towards the very thing I’ve believed and hoped for since I gave birth to my son 4 years ago. An opportunity to open up dialogue to everyone about birth and it’s impact on both mother and child.

So the question was asked everywhere: “Is this birth photograph too graphic for public display?”

It seemed like a trivial question at the time but it did however serve it’s purpose and further stimulate the already tantalising discussions and views being expressed. But quite frankly it’s what happened after that which has brought the true story up to the surface that no one’s grabbing onto. We have an opportunity to challenge social views on birth. This image has transformed people who have held onto pain, or lost those thoughts of joy relating to their experiences with birth. I’ve read hundreds of posts, emails and messages that have warmed, broken and filled my heart in an incredible way.

It’s opened people’s minds to the possibility of what’s really acceptable and normal today. This for me is the breakthrough that should be nurtured and fed.

Most importantly though, I would like to reiterate the implied respect that is and most deservedly shown towards the mother and child in this photograph. Also, each invitation I have to document one of the most intimate events in a women’s life is an honour and one I  deeply respect.

I had an amazing collection of opinions and stories shared on my business page that were amazing fodder for contemplation and social consideration which unfortunately have been lost after the image was reported and pulled off by the faceless Facebook merchants! This is the most damaging example of censorship so far because it has not only removed the image but the hundreds of heartfelt thoughts and opinions of all those brave and inspired enough by this image to jump in and play their part in changing societies view on birth.

So just in case you want to see it – uncropped – here it is again. xxx

Oh, and if you happen to be interested in learning more about photographing birth, please head to my other website: http://www.birthphotographyworkshops.com/ for access to the resources.

2013 SAPPA Silver with Distinction, Victoria Berekmeri

2013 SAPPA Silver with Distinction, Victoria Berekmeri


The journey of Baby Williams: Part Two – The Birth of Brea


To witness the birth of beautiful Baby Brea Williams was an unbelievable privilege. Watching Kirsty progress through the various stages of labour with the strength of character beyond her years was amazing. With an awesome support team around her, Kirsty brought her beautiful daughter into this world with minimal intervention and a rather entertaining sense of humour! She remained grounded and composed, and as she transitioned things really stepped up a gear.

As baby was about to arrive, the suite filled with medical staff due to Brea’s condition requiring immediate intensive care. I think we had 12 or so people in the room! I was lucky enough to score the front row position and captured an amazing array of shots as Brea was birthed. The value of these shots lay in the heart of the mother whose baby is whisked away for hours (perhaps a whole day) from her while she’s at her most vulnerable, left to feel as if it were all a dream. This separation really does, from what I’ve seen and sensed, have an impact on the mother’s ease of bonding with her baby.

3 Days later I returned to the hospital to see how Brea was getting on!

Brea’s journey has been so humbling to watch, as her parents deal with the ups and down of having a gorgeous newborn baby with a serious health condition. Brea and her family flew to Melbourne for her first lot of heart surgery a week after her birth. Her journey continues with as much love and support around her as any child deserves – to the moon and back!

Below is the slideshow 🙂


A new face for Birth Photography – Adelaide Birth Photographer

Well, after the rush of birth photography I’ve been enjoying recently, I finally made a decision and actioned a plan to pursue birth photography as my genre of choice.

It’s been a 12 month journey to get here, and many ideas that lay simmering in the back of my mind (and in my journal) have finally & naturally come to the surface. I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new website AdelaideBirthPhotographer.com.au

After a recent conference by Jesh De Rox, I’ve worked on a different tack for displaying my work in a way that emphasised my heart speak for this type of work. My theory is that birth photography is more about the journey and thus single images when viewed on their own don’t perhaps carry enough of the story to make sense. So I’ve combined meaningful words from clients and relevant people through the Visual Voice technique to create images that share a powerful message. These in turn can be shared to support ideas and feelings around pregnancy and birth in the wider community – ie. Facebook, Pintrest, etc. This is important to me – I have gone through a huge healing process after my own personal experience of childbirth. I have followed the journeys of other mothers who have all birthed differently and faced their own challenges, and drawn strength and positivity from their experiences. For that I am so grateful, and I sit on the edge of my seat as I anticipate each birth to come. What a privilege! With more and more bookings coming through, this is clearly the path I’m meant to take…

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