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The Birth of Ivy Mae, a hypnobirth – Adelaide Birth Photographer

The journey of Ivy Mae was so special to behold. This sweet baby was birthed at home in the bath – it was a serene and calm arrival. Ivy’s mother is a hypnobirthing practitioner and midwife – she displayed amazing strength and wisdom throughout the labour. You can read her birth story here: http://instinctualbirthing.wordpress.com/my-birth-story/

As a birth photographer, I’ve witnessed many different labours – each as unique as the individuals involved. I have certainly noticed a difference between those mother’s who have undergone some type of hypnobirth training, and those who haven’t. Very fascinating!

I think the little jewel I took away from this birth was how the freedom and opportunity for family member involvement during a women’s labour, even the smallest gifts of care and love, feed into the bonds that keep family members close. So beautiful to witness and learn.

Thank you to Kristy from Instinctual Birthing and Zac for allowing me to capture and share Ivy’s arrival. xo


A new face for Birth Photography – Adelaide Birth Photographer

Well, after the rush of birth photography I’ve been enjoying recently, I finally made a decision and actioned a plan to pursue birth photography as my genre of choice.

It’s been a 12 month journey to get here, and many ideas that lay simmering in the back of my mind (and in my journal) have finally & naturally come to the surface. I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new website AdelaideBirthPhotographer.com.au

After a recent conference by Jesh De Rox, I’ve worked on a different tack for displaying my work in a way that emphasised my heart speak for this type of work. My theory is that birth photography is more about the journey and thus single images when viewed on their own don’t perhaps carry enough of the story to make sense. So I’ve combined meaningful words from clients and relevant people through the Visual Voice technique to create images that share a powerful message. These in turn can be shared to support ideas and feelings around pregnancy and birth in the wider community – ie. Facebook, Pintrest, etc. This is important to me – I have gone through a huge healing process after my own personal experience of childbirth. I have followed the journeys of other mothers who have all birthed differently and faced their own challenges, and drawn strength and positivity from their experiences. For that I am so grateful, and I sit on the edge of my seat as I anticipate each birth to come. What a privilege! With more and more bookings coming through, this is clearly the path I’m meant to take…

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The Birth of April – Adelaide Birth Photographer

From the very beginning, I knew this birth was going to a much anticipated and exciting event for our family. But I never thought I’d be asked to photograph the event! So when I was, it was a moment of elation! Following the journey of first time mum, Kim through to the arrival of her gorgeous little daughter was a dream come true. But what was more amazing was how I witnessed one of the calmest and most focused drug free labours I could have imagined. The support was flowing freely, the energy was relaxed yet energised by the fast progress this calm labour facilitated. Once again, I believe this is another prime example of the way hypno-birthing can assist mothers during labour.

This storybook gallery has a few selectively conservative images of the birth of April. There are other shots, reserved for private viewing, that display the actual birth in an amazing way. Too amazing for words!

For those who are interested in the hypnobirth / calmbirth idea in Adelaide, please contact Kristy from Instinctual Birthing

Hospital and Home Birth Photographer

Journey To The Beginning – Birth Photography

I am a birth photographer. If there was one aspect of photography I could do alone, this is it – this is the genre. It’s wholeheartedly my passion, it quenches my maternal, artistic, emotional thirst. I put my life on hold whenever I’m called to do this work – 24/7 I’m on call. I never know how long I’ll be away from my family. I will travel around the corner or to other states to do this type of work. There is no greater reward for any other job I’ve ever known. It’s not a job – it’s like being a mother – it’s just something you do and love and need. Every time, it’s different. Every breath, you’re in the moment. Every tear you cry is real and nothing else could be more honest.

When main stream media run an inadequate news story on a topic I’m passionate about, one that holds so much power and emotion for all those it touches, I get upset… But I have faith that those who really know the meaning behind capturing births won’t be swayed by narrow-minded ideals.

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