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Home Birth of Rory – Adelaide Birth Photographer

The birth of Rory was a positively memorable journey to photograph. It encapsulated everything wonderful about home birth, and the calm arrival of the family’s fourth child was an honour to witness. Special thanks to Megan for allowing me to be present and share this amazingly empowered birth with my followers. x


You can view the slideshow with more images here: http://youtu.be/zha1giJI9tw



The Birth of Flynn – Adelaide Birth Photographer

I’ve known this amazing mum since 2011. The day we met, we bonded. I photographed her then 3 children and loving partner Doug, in between rain showers up at Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens…

Rebecca is a gorgeous mother and an empowered birther. Her independant midwife knew Rebecca’s strength. The respect and trust of all those in her birth space was making the room resonate as I arrived. I loved documenting little Flynn’s birth for many personal reasons and it was an honour to be present for my dear friend.



Birth Journey of Pippa – Adelaide Birth Photographer

Pippa was born at home during the early hours on the 25th of August 2013, a third daughter for this kind-hearted family. What was expected to be a rushed affair, turned out to be a far more gently timed arrival. It was the right journey for this little girl and her mother along with being a great experience for her older daughters.

It is with great respect that I share these images with the parents permission. There is a wonderful collection of shots missing from this published journey to preserve the family’s privacy, as is often the case with my work as a birth photographer.

If you are currently pregnant, I would love to invite you (on behalf of the author of this survey) to participate in a research project surrounding stress reactions to child-birth. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2W5CX69

Love, Trust & the First 40 hours of Life – Adelaide Birth Photographer

This is a journey no one could have predicted. One you would never hope to go through, yet a journey that leaves you feeling so lucky and blessed. This family will always occupy a very special place in my heart because I have followed their journey from pregnancy through to today. I’ve shared many hours of meaningful conversation, ideas, dreams, hopes and desires. This beautiful family who cherish their daughter, love their music and value all the simple things in life had their world turned upside down – literally within the blink of an eye.

It was a planned homebirth with an independent midwife. All was well with mother and child, waiting father and big sister. But sometimes the best laid plans…. No one could have realised just how vital her decision to transfer to hospital was at the time.

Adelaide Birth PhotographerAdelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer

Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer

Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer  Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer

The life of a mother and child are never more precious than at this pivotal moment, as a father watches on in a state of helpless desperation. He’s a bystander to events beyond his control as he hears the baby’s heart rate crash and witnesses the urgent commotion unfold before him. Then the wait… an eternity…  The silence in the waiting room is a stark contrast to the anguished thoughts running desperately through his head. The independent and attending midwifes who’ve followed her journey from the beginning no doubt go over every detail from the hours and days before and weighing up the potential outcomes. I try to remain focused – document the journey, capture the story, keep eyes dry and settings tight.

Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth PhotographerAdelaide Birth Photographer

The news comes that mother and baby are well – but then we hear that baby had inhaled meconium and burst a lung, something that they see once a year in NICU. He was undergoing  an operation right away. Once stabilised, the father and midwives were shown in to see this beautiful baby boy. The emotion was overwhelming.

Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer

I went back to the hospital the next day to see him. His mum came down to see him for the first time since recovering from her emergency caesarean. Her apprehension, anxiety, fear and helplessness were all so present as she looked on at her baby who was under continuous care.

Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer

I returned again the next day. Fortune found me walking into NICU at just the right time. This lovely little man had made a profound recovery. He was off ventilation and had just woken for the first time since his birth into this world 40 hours earlier. He lay awake in the arms of his mother, about to enjoy the opportunity of his first ever breast feed. The sense of joy filled my heart as I witnessed a smile and look into my camera. It was if he had woken from a dream to find something he instinctively knew was right and as it should be. I will never forget the comfort I felt thinking I had witnessed his birth of consciousness.

Adelaide Birth Photographer Adelaide Birth Photographer

It was a strange twist of fate that the next day I found myself walking into NICU, down towards the same crib in the early hours of the morning to attend a Heartfelt session for a baby boy who shared the same surname as the one I’d photographed here. It was one of the most challenging Heartfelt shoots I’ve done and a sad reminder of the reality of how the coin can land on either side.


Thank you to Kate and Rohann for allowing me to share this journey with you. I hope it fills you with the same sense of gratitude and warmth of love that it does for me.


If anyone would like more information of the services Heartfelt provide for families, please follow the link: www.heartfelt.org.au


A Labour of Love – Adelaide Birth Photographer

A week ago I photographed the labour of a kind-hearted mother who was attempting a VBAC homebirth. With her consent, I’d like to share her experience with you. The slide show below contains images of labour, but there is no nudity or graphic images. The expressions of emotion may be confronting for some, and hopefully stir the emotions in all.

As a women, I’m deeply emotional about seeing another woman journey through labour towards the inevitable birth of a child. I find myself immersed in their journey too, as each contraction builds, peaks and subsides. Every sound and movement of their body builds in urgency. Knowing with each minute that passes, no matter what level of pain or exhaustion was occupied at the time, a new life is a minute closer to shining a light on all that is. Knowing that this baby’s gift of presence will instantly heal such pain and distract all burden’s from the mother’s memory. I can’t help but become swept away in the mindfulness of the event. And I love even more so how I can walk away from such a shoot, no matter how long it went for, and feel re-aligned with the true priorities in life. Life itself.

On Wednesday the 28th March at 8:30pm I received the message that Samantha’s water’s had broken. And so it began, the preparing, the packing, the anticipation. At 1:30am the phone call came and in 45 minutes I was there in her dimly lit lounge room with my camera ready to work. Contractions were frequently every few minutes and Samantha’s calm character saw her through each one with resolve that she would meet her baby soon. Kat, her midwife watched closely with an expression of contemplation and a look of reassurance. The waves washed on through the morning hours. Her daughter awoke around 4:30am and joined us. She sat peacefully on her father’s lap and observed her mother, Kat and me. The mere presence of Samantha’s daughter seemed a relieving distraction to her in between the contractions and I caught many a loving smile.

On and on Samantha laboured, throughout the day and into the evening. Her enduring physical effort and emotional strength would surely cripple the resolve of any trained athlete. With a posterior baby, her ongoing committment to seeing this natural experience through to the end was an amazing demonstration of a women saturated in the goodness of her primal element.

A mother can choose to birth in a certain way with certain preferences, but sometimes you can not control the journey that ultimately must be taken. Every option was pursued and effort was made to birth safely at home, but sometimes existence has other plans. Plans must be changed to keep things moving forward, that’s life. Samantha accepted that and her baby was born in hospital via Cesarian at 11:13pm on Thursday 29th March 2012. A beautiful baby boy was born healthy and well. His parents named him Keeley Sage.

Adelaide Home Birth Photography – A Mother’s Quest

It was 6:17am when I was woken by my phone. I stared at the screen trying to decipher the words, it took a minute for my eyes to comprehend what my mind already knew – It was time! Today was the day I would witness a miracle, the birth of a healthy, highly anticipated little soul joining us earthside.

As I drove to their home, I took the time to clear my thoughts, smell the sea air as I headed south along the coast and feel the warmth of the early morning sun as it streamed through my windscreen. As I walked through the front door, taking my shoes off, I felt grounded and focused. The father, Jamie, greeted me with a beaming smile, the other children were peacefully asleep upstairs, unaware of the excitement that was trying to be contained below.

I glanced down to the birthing area and could see Linda, centering herself, preparing her mind for what her body was beginning to enact. It was a beautiful moment watching her create a space around her in which she could feel safe and free.

PreparationAs husbands do, preparing in their own primal way and adressing that need to be useful, Jamie raced back and forth filling the birthing pool. Linda’s meditative state and stillness was a visual contrast as I settled into my own space.

The Midwife soon arrived along with the reassurance and affirmations she effortlessly and naturally supplied.

Surrounded by  support, love and space, Linda allowed her body to work just as it was made to, and it was so amazing to witness.

The children had awoken to find the event as it transpired, and they too were calm, excited and connected.

This image touches my heart deeply. The bond between these women extends beyond this life, I’m sure of it!

There is an amazing series of images showing the baby being born but I have reserved these for personal viewing only out of respect. It’s a truly stunning sight to see a new life enter our world, and through water, the images are something magic!

I have no words to describe the emotions I felt as I heard the baby take that first small breath and let out that gentle cry. But my mind instantly took me back to those first seconds after my own son’s birth.          It was a few minutes before they discovered they had themselves a gorgeous little girl. But there was no mistaking how much she shared her daddy’s features.

This was one of the most memorable experiences, and one that won’t be forgotten. The images have been taken and they will exist for generations. A record of a new life, an event to surpass all others, and the beginning of something very special for this deserving family.

My most sincere thanks and gratitude go to Linda, Jamie and their family for allowing me to be present throughout your labour and capture the arrival of your yet to be named baby girl.