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The journey of Baby Williams: Part Two – The Birth of Brea


To witness the birth of beautiful Baby Brea Williams was an unbelievable privilege. Watching Kirsty progress through the various stages of labour with the strength of character beyond her years was amazing. With an awesome support team around her, Kirsty brought her beautiful daughter into this world with minimal intervention and a rather entertaining sense of humour! She remained grounded and composed, and as she transitioned things really stepped up a gear.

As baby was about to arrive, the suite filled with medical staff due to Brea’s condition requiring immediate intensive care. I think we had 12 or so people in the room! I was lucky enough to score the front row position and captured an amazing array of shots as Brea was birthed. The value of these shots lay in the heart of the mother whose baby is whisked away for hours (perhaps a whole day) from her while she’s at her most vulnerable, left to feel as if it were all a dream. This separation really does, from what I’ve seen and sensed, have an impact on the mother’s ease of bonding with her baby.

3 Days later I returned to the hospital to see how Brea was getting on!

Brea’s journey has been so humbling to watch, as her parents deal with the ups and down of having a gorgeous newborn baby with a serious health condition. Brea and her family flew to Melbourne for her first lot of heart surgery a week after her birth. Her journey continues with as much love and support around her as any child deserves – to the moon and back!

Below is the slideshow 🙂



Journey To The Beginning – Birth Photography

I am a birth photographer. If there was one aspect of photography I could do alone, this is it – this is the genre. It’s wholeheartedly my passion, it quenches my maternal, artistic, emotional thirst. I put my life on hold whenever I’m called to do this work – 24/7 I’m on call. I never know how long I’ll be away from my family. I will travel around the corner or to other states to do this type of work. There is no greater reward for any other job I’ve ever known. It’s not a job – it’s like being a mother – it’s just something you do and love and need. Every time, it’s different. Every breath, you’re in the moment. Every tear you cry is real and nothing else could be more honest.

When main stream media run an inadequate news story on a topic I’m passionate about, one that holds so much power and emotion for all those it touches, I get upset… But I have faith that those who really know the meaning behind capturing births won’t be swayed by narrow-minded ideals.

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