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The Birth of Julien – Adelaide Birth Photographer

When I get an email enquiry like this, I get truly excited because I know this couple are empowered and value what I do. No mention of money or packages. Rather a simple communication about why they want their birth photographed, when, how and where they will be supported. Afterall, these elements are what’s most important about their experience.

Hi Victoria, I hope this finds you well. I really hope that we aren’t getting in too late, but I know this may be the case with you being in such demand! My husband and I are expecting our first this July. After having lost many pregnancies, we have been hesitant to book too many things until we got further along than ever before. We have now reached the 24 week mark and all looks good! If things continue on this path then we will be birthing at home with two WCH MGP midwives and a student midwife. Again, I understand if you are already all booked for this time, but you come highly recommended by good friends of ours, so I couldn’t help but at least try! Thanks, Hanna

Not only did I go on to photograph the birth of their precious rainbow baby, Julien – I was also asked to do a pregnancy and newborn session with them. It was a very magic experience and the collection of images I am able to give this family honour their experience beautifully.


Baby Maya Newborn Shoot – Victoria Berekmeri, Adelaide Birth Photographer

While I was interstate last week, this gorgeous little girl was born. My friend and amazing photographer Melissa Neumann was most thankfully on hand to captureĀ  Maya’s arrival in my absence. I am so grateful to have the support and assurance of such a talented and highly regarded photographer to back me up!

Today I was most excited to meet the new addition to this beautiful family who I’ve now photographed on 3 separate occasions. This was one of the most enjoyable, relaxed newborn shoots I’ve done in a long while! Baby Maya was a dream to photograph!

Enjoy the preview. xxx