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The Birth of Julien – Adelaide Birth Photographer

When I get an email enquiry like this, I get truly excited because I know this couple are empowered and value what I do. No mention of money or packages. Rather a simple communication about why they want their birth photographed, when, how and where they will be supported. Afterall, these elements are what’s most important about their experience.

Hi Victoria, I hope this finds you well. I really hope that we aren’t getting in too late, but I know this may be the case with you being in such demand! My husband and I are expecting our first this July. After having lost many pregnancies, we have been hesitant to book too many things until we got further along than ever before. We have now reached the 24 week mark and all looks good! If things continue on this path then we will be birthing at home with two WCH MGP midwives and a student midwife. Again, I understand if you are already all booked for this time, but you come highly recommended by good friends of ours, so I couldn’t help but at least try! Thanks, Hanna

Not only did I go on to photograph the birth of their precious rainbow baby, Julien – I was also asked to do a pregnancy and newborn session with them. It was a very magic experience and the collection of images I am able to give this family honour their experience beautifully.


Telling the Birth Story – Sashini and George Part 2

The journey Sashini and George took together on this day was something so powerful to witness. The bond of love and support was an incredible foundation for the two of them becoming parents.

Arriving at the hospital on a rainy Friday afternoon, I found the now familiar couple in the throes of labour. Sashini was doing all she could to manage each wave of contraction, with George always close by with supportive concern. The midwife on shift was such a caring and enthusiastic professional. Sashini had a great birth team on board, ready for action.

As an empowered and informed woman, Sashini allowed herself to experience the full force of labour and the amazing power of her body. The fatigue and strength she battled through was incredible as we watched on, offering our support in quiet and careful ways. After some time the journey to bring this baby into the world via cesarean was decided on.

To add to the excitement of the imminent arrival of their baby, Sashini and George requested of the hospital staff that I be present in theatre to capture the first moments with their new child. Permission was granted by all concerned and we prepared for that moment.

We couldn’t have predicted the full power of Sashini’s body and the way it would react to the anesthetic. As a result, George and I had to both wait outside theatre until the little baby boy was brought out to us. To be honest, it was an agonising wait. We sat in the sterile waiting bay listening… and then we heard the virile cry of a child. The first theatre nurse burst through the doors and holding her hands apart she indicated baby’s size, stating he was as big as a 3 month old! The Midwife soon followed announcing the baby was the size of a toddler! One thing was certain, this precious little life was strong and ready for the world!

When his father first laid eyes on his new son, it was a moment that took our breaths away. We all had tears in our eyes as this very alert baby boy could not take his eyes of his daddy every time he spoke. As soon as Sashini was stable in recovery, we were all allowed in to see her and I was so grateful to document her meeting her beautiful baby boy. I know Sashini’s recollection of this time was hazy, but having the images is really such an important part of piecing together her journey for her own mind.

I feel so strongly about the value of documenting birth. Going through the most profound event of birth changes us in ways that leave a lasting impact. The ability to piece together that journey can really build the bonds between family members, heal from painful elements, understand the lessons, grow and move forward with greater wisdom and respect for ourselves… not to mention giving us the ability to pass on this story and all it’s lessons to the next generation so they might know the truth of love and power that we experienced to bring them into this world.

The Pregnancy and Newborn Journey – Adelaide Birth Photographer

When birth photography isn’t for everyone, there is still a beautiful story to capture. When first time parents Ben and Marnie contacted me, we talked about creating a session to remember…. I love doing this with the pregnancy sessions in particular. With so much anticipation and love, there is just so much to smile about! Selecting the best maternity images, adding them to the beautiful photographs taken during an at-home newborn session, and including some beautiful words from mum and dad is what I love. The album created is really something special – to keep, to reflect on and to pass along when the time comes!

2014 Canon AIPP Australian Birth Photographer of the Year – Victoria Berekmeri

Sincere thanks and appreciation must go to the AIPP members and in particular the Awards crew who have made this event such a successful one. This birth category could never have existed if it weren’t for the wonderful AIPP members who joined forces to define this genre within the industry. The category finalist, friend and amazing photographer, Selena Rollason (http://www.brisbanebirthphotography.com.au/) is a driven and valued member of the birth photography community who played a pivotal role in making this genre recognised as an APPA category. It is an honour to have her stand beside me in this inaugural year as her images help set the standard for birth photography in Australia.

The work I do, the people I meet and the births I capture have all changed my world into one filled with gratitude, joy and meaning. Birth Photography started out as a path to healing some of my own deep wounds, but it has now turned into something profoundly powerful. I have witnessed the work I create and share change social opinion on what is natural and worthy of true celebration. Passion and knowledge fly together as this documentary genre continues to act as a visionary voice, celebrating of the natural beauty of human life along with the power of a woman’s body and soul.

Special and sincere thanks go to all of my clients – you are all in inspiration to me! And to my parents and their precious babies who feature in this collection of award-winning images, thank you from the warmest place in my heart. Not only was it an honour to capture and share these moments, but it was a gift to all those who loved and appreciated them along with me.

There is also another group of people involved in the production of these award prints. To prepare these images for print, I worked with the best in the industry – Atkins Technicolour. http://www.atkins.com.au/ Atkins helped transform my images into art pieces that reflected the right tone and sensation needed to win. Printing is a whole other discipline so it goes without saying that having a great relationship between photographer and printing technician can’t be underestimated. I’m thrilled to say that I use the same printing lab my Grandfather used so I do feel an extra special connection with Atkins.

Without further ado – here are the 4 award winning images that saw me win the 2014 Canon AIPP Australian Birth Photographer of the Year.


Silver with Distinction

Silver with Distinction

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Award

If you’re interested in learning more about Birth Photography, please check out the upcoming workshop dates here: http://www.eventzilla.net/user/birthphotography

or contact Victoria to discuss mentoring options: victoria@adelaidebirthphotographer.com.au

The Birth of Flynn – Adelaide Birth Photographer

I’ve known this amazing mum since 2011. The day we met, we bonded. I photographed her then 3 children and loving partner Doug, in between rain showers up at Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens…

Rebecca is a gorgeous mother and an empowered birther. Her independant midwife knew Rebecca’s strength. The respect and trust of all those in her birth space was making the room resonate as I arrived. I loved documenting little Flynn’s birth for many personal reasons and it was an honour to be present for my dear friend.



The arrival of Leo – Adelaide Birth Photographer

A mother calmly and quickly birthed her precious son into the world, at home with the care and support of her husband and two midwives from the Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital Midwifery Group Practice.

After receiving the call at 8:15am, I knew it would be a rush to get across town in peak hour traffic and left straight away to Amy and Pete’s house. It was a clear bright day and despite the slower than usual journey to their house, I knew deep down it was going to be a perfect run of events for this baby.

I arrived just after the first Midwife at 9am to find Amy resting tranquilly in the birth pool with Pete near and everything as it should be. The indicators of progress was subtle as this little baby boy made his way down and out just before 10am.  His small initial cry served the purpose of clearing his lungs before comfortably relaxing into his mothers arms. His calm mood mimicking the environment of which he had arrived into.

A perfect little boy with soft squishy features and a gentle sense about him. It was an honour to capture his arrival on Tuesday the 15th October 2013.

Expecting… Pregnancy by Adelaide Birth Photographer

Dear Chandra and Ben,

Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture this unique and special time for the two of you. Expecting your first child is a momentous occasion as you prepare for the next chapter in life. Witnessing your closeness, love and anticipation was a blessing and joy for me and I hope you are pleased with the images I’ve captured. This is how I see you – beautiful, glowing, trusting. I wish you both a beautiful birth experience and as many joyful moments with your new baby as there are stars in the night sky.

With honour,

Victoria x